Monica Flynn

Monica Flynn
Solo Coach

Monica started performing as a Tinie in 2003, however she has always been a part of the Jayde family, following in her Mother’s and Aunt’s footsteps with her love for Calisthenics. She has always been inspired by her coaches and hopes to do the same for all the students at the club, enriching their passion, drive for personal success and love for this sport.

The importance of teamwork has always stuck with Monica, giving her confidence and leadership skills to take out into the world and her studies; and, has given her the opportunity to form lifelong friendships here at Jayde.

Monica has achieved many personal successes during her time at Jayde, including competing in the Victorian State Team as a Sub Junior (2008) and Senior (2019, 2023); accomplishing her Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals in the ACF Skills Exams; and, gaining her Level 1 Coaching Accreditation in 2019. She is currently competing as a Senior and soloist with Jayde.

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