Donna Flynn

Donna Flynn
19 June 1967 - 23 November 2023

In 2023 we lost our co-founder Donna. Donna was the very essence of our club and her contribution to calisthenics reached far beyond our local community. She was our leader, our mentor, our friend.

Donna was always a passionate supporter of calisthenics, committing a huge amount of energy and time in building a successful club. She began her calisthenic life at Ballarat Calisthenic College, before stepping out and starting her own club, Jayde, in 1990. Donna received her coaching accreditation in 1985.

Over the years, Donna was involved with every aspect of the club and each age group, however her true passion was with the younger members of the club. Donna witnessed the growth and development of many young girls over time and felt blessed to have had the privilege of watching so many grow into beautiful young women.

In 2013, Donna was a part of the coaching team that received the ACF Pupil Skills coaching award from Calisthenics Victoria. She valued the development that comes from Pupil Skills and dedicated a lot of her time each year to those wishing to achieve these skills.

In 2023, Jayde Calisthenic Club presented a special recognition award to Donna, along with her sister Wendy Riding, for their contribution to the sport of calisthenics for 50 years. The award was accepted by her daughter Monica who, along with her sister and Donna's other daughter Sophie, continue to show just as much love for the sport as their Mother and Aunts.

Donna was very much the heart of Jayde Calisthenic Club and we will always strive to make her proud.

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