All groups from Tinies through to Masters require a calisthenics rod. Your Section Manager or Coach can assist with measuring the correct length and rods can be purchased locally for just a few dollars from Kermeen Sheetmetal located at 996 Norman Street in Wendouree. Just ask for a calisthenic rod - they'll know what you're referring to! As students grow, some members may also choose to swap or sell their old rod second hand.


Clubs are required from Sub Juniors to Masters and like rods, should be measured to ensure you have the correct size. New clubs can be purchased from Le Pointe Dance Shop in Brunswick (03) 9388 2262 as well as online retailers such as Opening Night Dance & Calisthenics Supplies and Cali Girl.

Aesthetic Skirts

Aesthetics practice skirts are required from Tinies to Masters. Skirts vary in price depending on length of skirt required. You can purchase a new skirt online from The Calisthenic Shop ranging from $47-$60 depending on the size required. 
You may also be able to pick one up second hand, or if you sew you can make your own! Practice skirts should be black to match our class uniform.

Dance Shoes and Wigs

Some groups may require black dance shoes and depending on the group, these shoes differ in style. The same also applies to wigs - our Tinies wear a curly wig over their bun, and our Sub Juniors generally use the same wig worn under their bun for some items. Your Section Manager and Coaches will assist with providing details of any shoe and wig requirements for your group once the year has commenced, as these requirements will vary each year. Details on how to purchase shoes/wigs will be provided at the same time. 

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