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Tamara Abbott

Co Coach of Sub Juniors

Tamara is very passionate about Calisthenics and the Jayde Calisthenic Club. She has been a part of the club since its beginning, as both a participant and coach and its members have become like a second family to her.

Her love of teaching has expanded into her workplace at the Centre for Early Education in Ballarat, where she teaches Kindergarten and Heads the Kindergarten Department. The valuable life skills she gained from this sport have given her the confidence and knowledge to approach new and exciting experiences with enthusiasm and commitment.

Tamara currently co-coaches the Sub-Juniors and over the years, has had input into every single age group. She also teaches a number of solos, which she considers an invaluable experience for both coach and student.

Tamara hopes to spread her addiction for this sport as wide as she can and encourages everyone to become involved in what she considers an amazing team environment.

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