Donna Flynn

Donna Flynn

Principal Coach, Co-Coach of Sub Juniors & Assistant Coach of Tinies

Donna has always been a passionate supporter of calisthenics, committing a huge amount of energy and time in building a successful club. She began her calisthenic life at Ballarat Calisthenic College, before stepping out on and starting her own club, Jayde, in 1990. Donna received her coaching accreditation in 1985 and is currently working towards obtaining her Level 2 coaching accreditation.

Over the years, Donna has been involved with every aspect of the club and each age group, however her passion lies with the younger members of the club. Donna has witnessed the growth and development of many young girls over time and feels blessed to have had the privilege of watching so many grow into beautiful young women.

In 2013, Donna was a part of the coaching team that received the ACF Pupil Skills coaching award from Calisthenics Victoria. She values the development that can come from these Pupil Skills and dedicates a lot of her time each year to those wishing to achieve these skills.

Donna shares her passion for calisthenics with her two daughters, who show just as much love for the sport as their Mother and Aunts. She is very much the heart of Jayde Calisthenic Club and looks forward to the clubs future growth.

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