Alexa Field

Alexa Field

Coach of Tinies

Alexa commenced coaching at Jayde in 2013. Prior to this she coached the Sub-Junior section at Bentleigh Calisthenics College for 9 years, along with many solos & Pupil Skill classes.

Alexa is an Accredited Level 1 Coach and is currently working towards completing her Level 2 Coaching qualifications.

She has been involved with calisthenics since the age of three and has competed in all age sections over a range of divisions, including championship seniors. Alexa is currently a member of the Jayde Masters team and an Assistant Coach to the Tinies section of the club.

Calisthenics is a sport she has loved her whole life and as a coach she loves witnessing pupils develop their own passion for calisthenics and performing. She loves calisthenics for its diversity, the confidence it develops in pupils, the sense of community it fosters and the lifelong friendships made from being involved.

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