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Jayde Calisthenic Club has been hosting Debutante Balls since 2010 as a major fundraiser for the club, with the vision to build our own studio for the future. Each year has seen an increase in the number of Debutantes and their partners participating in these magical evenings. This year has seen four full evenings of Debutantes with the expectation that next year will see this repeated.

The Jayde Debutante Ball Committee pride themselves in presenting the Debutantes at their best, and with the assistance of their ballroom instructors, Jess Ure and Frank Cummins, support the girls and their partners in learning a number of traditional dances with a modern twist. The effort that goes into the presentation of the venue and all other aspects of the balls has been highly acclaimed in the past, which is evident in the continual increase in demand each year.

The committee consists of the two principal coaches of the club, Wendy Riding and Donna Flynn, Life Member, Katrina Proelss and Level One Coach and 25 year service member, Tamara Abbott. The committee are supported by the entire club in making these events a reality.

Each year the Debutante Balls evolve around a subtle theme, offering a new perspective on these traditional events.

Without steering away from the meaning of a Debutante Ball, we offer a new and fresh perspective on being presented to society.

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